Motorola ASTRO Spectra VHF Radio 136-162MHz Narrowband

by Andy on January 30, 2011

Here are the best deals we found for this Motorola ASTRO Spectra VHF Radio 136-162MHz Narrowband.

Current Price: $127.50

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Motorola ASTRO Spectra VHF Radio 136-162MHz Narrowband Picture(s) and Description:


Motorola ASTRO Spectra VHF Radio 136-162Mhz Narrowband Compliant P25 Description This Motorola ASTRO Spectra VHF radio is just the thing you need to get on the 2 Meter ham band, MURS or expand your current business radio system. The radio is the 50 Watt dash mount W5 version. This radio is my personal radio I have been using to talk on our local VHF amateur repeaters. This is a very desirable split for amateur radio operators as it covers the entire ham band without modifications or hacking. Please email me with any questions. Unlike many of the other sellers of high end equipment here on eBay, I know exactly what this radio is, what it's capable of and how much it's worth. I have tested these radio for transmit power, audio and receive sensitivity. Checks out just fine. The ONLY reason im selling this radio is I hardly use VHF and have migrated to UHF and 800MHz This radio is NOT hackjob and the tags match the codeplug 100%. This radio also will do narrowband, and has the 2.5khz RF board. Also the picture is of the actual radio and you are bidding on. Host is 11.11.06 / DSP is N8.05.03 (Current IMBE firmware) 1 megabyte VOCODER Flashcode is 100001-000000-7 This breaks down to: Q806/G806 APCO 25 Digital CAI/IMBE Operation H35/G48 Conventional Operation Features below: Model D04JKH9PW5AN Analog & P25 digital operation Narrowband compiant! 136 -162 Mhz Band split (CPS Programmable to 133-171MHz ) 128 programmable channels. Radio is a W5 DES-XL/DES-OFB board INSTALLED! Zones 50/25 Watts Output Power (Keypad selectable). DTMF for phone patch or remote command (with autodial memories) Alpha Numeric channel naming. Bright Florescent display for easy viewing of mode information. CTCSS and DCS codes for privacy. Full signaling including MDC1200 and DTMF including PTT ID Can be used mobile or as a base station. Perfect for use on the 2 Meter ham band. Shipping & Payment Terms I prefer payment through PayPal or Bid Pay, which lets me receive your payment instantly and ship your item sooner. Shipping is calculated using and is actual shipping cost including delivery confirmation from my zip code to yours. Carefully packed to avoid breakage. If you have any questions, please include eBay auction number with all correspondence. In accordance with eBay rules, this item will be sold As-Is, and all sales final, but has been tested to the extent noted in the above listing. I have put that comment in red as I have had issues lately of people not reading my terms. I am not out to screw anyone, but I do ask that if there are any questions, please address them BEFORE you bid. I reserve the right to review feedback and determine to cancel bids from users with excessive negative feedback (especially for non payment) Appropriate feedback left upon completion of auction. Payments made with PayPal accepted only if your address is confirmed. Thank you and happy bidding! Click here to see my other auctions.

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